Ativan – Dosage Guide


Everyone gets stressed and everyone faces anxiety and worst fears of life in one day. Some of us can move on from it and some of us fight on it to win. But also there some of us are trying to escape from it, which eventually becomes a mental health problem in later days. Ativan is one kind of benzodiazepines. So these drugs like Ativan are strict to be sold under medical prescription from a doctor. More importantly one should know about the dosage instructions of Ativan before using it.  Here we are going to see this Ativan dosage in this article.

Correct Dosage of Ativan

The dosage of Ativan could vary for individuals. That could be based on their many factors including health, age, the impact of anxiety, etc. If you have children below age 12 you should follow the dosage advice as same as your doctor’s words of it. For adults, you can follow the dosage advice printed on the tablet label and also you can follow the dosage suggested by your doctor. Here I have mentioned could be general information just to let you know about it and not so specific or advised to be taken by an individual.

The amounts of Ativan you are going to take depend on its strength or concentration. The total no of doses in a day, time intervals, total duration for taking Ativan depend on the seriousness of the problem you are suffering and body health condition. As for anxiety in children above 12 years old and younger people it is advised to take 2 to 3 mg of Ativan in a day. It should be taken in divided dose as per doctor advice. For the elderly, 1 to 2 mg could be taken in those divided doses and this also varies according to doc’s opinion. For insomnia, stress and other problems, for children above 12 years old and adults, the elderly can take 2 to 4 mg in a single dose. Again this also must be determined by your doctor.

What happens if you Overdose?

In case you have missed taking a dose and you can take it after some time when you got free. If the time is not there and the next dose is coming shortly means, you can skip the missed one and continue as it is like a regular one. Do not double dose or taking it in shorter without much time intervals. Overdose of Ativan could cause side effects breathing troubles, fainting; slurred speech, etc and you should seek medical help immediately. Hope this article helps you to get a good idea about Ativan and help you to take a safe dose.

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