How to dose Ativan properly?

Many people are facing anxiety, seizures and panic attacks as their major problem in routine life. They can make use of these benzodiazepines like Ativan could reduce those health problems. For taking such medication one should consult a doctor and receive dosage, prescription. If you took Ativan with proper suitable dosage it will help to reduce your anxiety, stress with lesser side effects. The occurrence of side effects and worsening of the symptoms is based on the dosage. They could arise when you took overdose which is beyond your body limit. Seek medical attention immediately if such case happens and consult your doctor for the right dose.


Why dosage is important

I have given some of the major factors which could be considered to determine the dose. In most cases, age plays an important role in determining the dosage. There is a lot of difference between an old age adult and young person. The effects of medicine could also be varying according to this age due to health, weight, blood flow, ability, etc. They could be vulnerable to some side effects and might end up in allergic and other things. The doctors could help you in reducing dosage in such cases.

Dosage amount

Whenever you are buying Ativan online or even from the local store make sure you have bought the right one. Take a look at the printed instruction on the back in which the dosage amount and weight of the substance would also be mentioned there. If you ignored the doctor advice on dosage suggestion, you may not able to handle the worst side effects that have arisen due to it. In the majority of the cases, 10mg of Ativan is more than enough to solve all the troubles arisen.

Dosage based on Age and Symptoms

Normally adult dose varies from 0.5 to 4mg under prescription. Adult in the sense it denotes senior citizens and elderly. These people would have crossed age 60 and more. For the elderly depend on the tolerance limit this dose could be raised or lowered. The same rule applies to younger persons who are just grownups. For Anxiety treatment, it could be split up as 2or 3 mg and can be taken 3 times a day. The total substance in a day should not exceed 10 mg. For seizures in adults 8mg per day is divided as 2.5 to 3 mg in 3 times a day. For younger people, 1 to 2 mg of Ativan in a single dose is enough to deal with the problems. Though I have given this dosage information, I strictly recommend that you should follow the dosage limits as per the instructions of your doctor.