Precaution and Warnings


Ativan online is the prescription drug given to patients when one is suffering from anxiety disorders. Often the wrong lifestyle and stress they face every day is present as the root cause behind it. Doctors prescribe Ativan only for a short period and even under repetition not more than four weeks. It is better if as a patient you knew about the precautionary measures you need to take. You can take responsibility for yourself and follow the precautions and warnings carefully which makes the treatment better. Adding to that, the precaution could help you to eliminate some of the side effects before occurrence.

Precautions and Warnings

  • If you have any previous medical history including treatment for some issues, rehab, etc. you could convey that to your doctor.
  • This includes problems include liver problem, cancer, kidney stones, glaucoma, apnea, depression, breathing troubles, etc.
  • If you are allergic to benzodiazepines like Ativan Lorazepam, you must tell that to your physician.
  • You must avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking and weed usage during the phase of treatment to prevent the side effects
  • Usage of Ativan may lower your blood pressure, blurs eyesight and sometimes cause breathing issues and you should seek medical assistance immediately
  • For the elderly sometimes it does not feel relief even after taking pills. But do not increase the dose for being inactive.
  • You can expect symptoms like mood swings, suicide thoughts, hallucinations, sleep issues, loss of control in words, etc. and in such cases reach your doctor immediately
  • Do not take Ativan if you are pregnant and also if you are having a baby at breastfeeding stage.
  • Whenever you buying Ativan either offline or online, do check its dosage and substance weight
  • Also, look for instructions to use and ingredients printed on the back of the medicine and you must check for usage period and expiry date
  • Ativan is one of the highly addictive drugs so do not take a high dosage thinking that it could give a faster relief
  • Whenever you take high doses than prescription it will gain control over you and make you an addict for it. You can see agitation, aggression and more symptoms of depression.


Drugs like Ativan work over your brain to get relief from anxiety so memory loss, lack of self-control, etc are expected normal symptoms. Arrange for caregivers, family, etc to look after you during the period of treatment. Make use of these precautionary measures to alleviate the side effects. I still recommend following the instructions given by your doctor.

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